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Warning: Barndon Shockley of Mountain Logistics, LLC – A Nightmare for Carriers


As a carrier, my experience with Barndon Shockley and Mountain Logistics, LLC was nothing short of a nightmare. From start to finish, dealing with this so-called broker was a lesson in deception and frustration.

To begin with, communication with Barndon Shockley was practically non-existent. Any attempts to reach out for updates on shipments were met with silence or excuses, leaving me in the dark and scrambling to make alternative arrangements. It’s clear that they have no regard for the time or livelihood of carriers.

What’s more, the payment practices of Barndon Shockley and Mountain Logistics, LLC or /
SIERRA TRANSPORTATION were downright shady. Despite agreeing upon terms, they consistently delayed payments, made unreasonable deductions, and in some cases, flat-out refused to compensate for services rendered. It’s clear that they have no intention of honoring their obligations.

To add insult to injury, their lack of professionalism extended to the handling of cargo. There were instances where shipments were poorly managed, resulting in damages that I, as the carrier, was left to deal with. Barndon Shockley and Mountain Logistics, LLC showed a blatant disregard for the integrity of the cargo and the well-being of those responsible for its transportation.

In conclusion, dealing with Barndon Shockley and Mountain Logistics, LLC was a harrowing experience that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone in the carrier industry. Their deceitful practices, lack of communication, and disregard for contractual agreements make them a liability rather than a reliable business partner. Avoid them at all costs if you value your time, your money, and your sanity.

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